粵語文化基礎一班 Cantonese Beginner 1 (CB1)

粵語文化基礎二班 Cantonese Beginner 2 (CB2)

粵語文化基礎三班 Cantonese Beginner 3 (CB3)

粵語文化一班 Cantonese 1 (C1)

粵語文化二班 Cantonese 2 (C2)

粵語文化三班 Cantonese 3 (C3)

粵語文化四班 Cantonese 4 (C4)

國語文化一班 Mandarin 1 (M1)

國語文化二班 Mandarin 2 (M2)


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A progressive Cantonese school committed to creating an interactive and engaging academic environment for students to learn Cantonese, to experience Chinese culture, and to be introduced to the Mandarin dialect of Chinese.