CSGW seeks passionate individuals to teach Cantonese, Chinese culture, arts, history, and heritage.

  • Able to work with children ranging from 4 to 12 years old.
  • No education degree or prior teaching experience is required.
  • Training and/or job shadowing is provided.
  • This is a paid position.

Candidates can:

  • Read and write traditional Chinese characters and speak Cantonese
  • Speak English well enough to communicate with non-Cantonese proficient students
  • Teach CSGW-provide curriculum
  • Create reinforcing or supplementary activities as necessary

Time Commitments (minimum):

  • 16 x 2.5 hours per semester
  • 4 staff meetings

If you are interested in being a CSGW teacher or substitute, please email admin@csgw.org