Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the model of CSGW?

CSGW adopts a CO-OP (Community Objective – Operation Participation) model where parents and guardians are Members/Stakeholders/Participants of the school.  This is a system of work-sharing, and community building while providing a cultural and language education for our students.  To maintain enrollment, each family is expected to complete the following:

  • Participate in the administration and operations of the school.  CSGW will work with parents to assign responsibilities at the start of the school year
  •  Attend all membership meetings
  • Agree to maintain the privacy of personally identifiable information within the school.

What is the starting age for enrollment?

The starting age for enrollment is when a child reaches the age of 4 by the 1st day of the School Year in the Fall.

What age range is CSGW’s curriculum designed for?

Our curriculum is designed for children ages 4 to 12. However, older children may be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Is there an open house?

Yes, please check our open house page for upcoming dates.

What will my child learn? What is your curriculum?

See our programs page for a description of our class offerings.

When can I register my child?

Families can register for the entire school year (Fall and Spring semesters) or by semester. Registration for the Fall semester is typically opened 2 weeks after the start of the school year for Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS). Calls for spring semester registration typically occur just after fall midterms in November for currently enrolled students in the Fall Semester.  

We do not accept new enrollments in the Spring Semester students would have missed a whole Fall Semester of content that teachers would not be able to help catch children up to missed in The Fall.  In addition, the adjustment to a new school would be challenging for both child(ren) and the teacher. 

Communications regarding registration are publicized on CSGW’s social media channels.

How much is your tuition?

Tuition is due at the time of registration. Refer to the most updated Registration Form for current tuition and fees. Extracurricular activities, including Art class, require additional fees. 

Any questions on tuition and fees should be directed to the CSGW Registration/Tuition Coordinator.

What class will my child be placed in?

Our class placement process takes into consideration the varying ages and backgrounds of our students. Our teachers work diligently to evaluate each student’s language proficiency level and place them in a suitable class. Our school works to place peers of similar ages to encourage age appropriateness of the activities performed at each class level.  However, it is important to note that class placement is subject to enrollment and class-level availability.

What textbooks are used for the classes?

The following textbooks (published by Better Chinese) are utilized by CSGW:

  • Cantonese Beginner 1 (CB1): no books required
  • Cantonese Beginner 2 (CB2) – Fall: “My First Chinese Words”, Books 1-9
  • Cantonese Beginner 2 (CB2) – Spring: “My First Chinese Words”, Books 10-18
  • Cantonese Beginner 3 (CB3) – Fall: “My First Chinese Words”, Books 19-27
  • Cantonese Beginner 3 (CB3) – Spring: “My First Chinese Words”, Books 28-36
  • Cantonese 1 (C1): “My First Chinese Reader”, Volume 1
  • Cantonese 2 (C2): “My First Chinese Reader”, Volume 2
  • Cantonese 3 (C3): “My First Chinese Reader”, Volume 3
  • Cantonese 4 (C4): “My First Chinese Reader”, Volume 4

What is your withdrawal policy?  

For withdrawals, we do not provide any refund of tuition and fees after the second week of each semester. We encourage all students to carefully consider their academic commitments before enrolling in our school and to communicate with us promptly if they anticipate any issues that may affect their ability to continue their studies.

What is your late admission policy?

At our school, we understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise, causing students to withdraw or apply for admission after the designated deadline. We accept late admission applications on a case-by-case basis, but a late registration fee will apply.

What is CSGW’s closure policy, including for inclement weather?

In the event of inclement weather, CSGW follows Montgomery County Public Schools’ closure decisions. If MCPS does not make any announcements by 10:00 am, the CSGW administration will vote and finalize its decision instead. Announcements will be posted on the CSGW website ( and the Facebook page (, and an email will be sent to all staff and families immediately. 

Emergency/Closings Information on Montgomery County can be found at the website below: 

There are no make-up classes for MCPS-announced closures.

What are the drop-off/pick-up procedures?

Drop off

The start of school begins with class line-ups in the All Purpose Room (APR) in preparation to enter class at 2:00 pm starting with the Cantonese Beginner classes and ending with the Cantonese class.  Please walk your young children into their classrooms if you arrive after classes have been dismissed from the APR.  


Classes are dismissed at 4:00 pm. Teachers walk their students to the APR, where parents should wait for their children to pick them up. For safety reasons, under no circumstances are children allowed to wait outside of the school building.  CSGW does not offer after-school childcare. If parents are late for pick-up, please inform our Academic Liaison via email at to arrange temporary childcare. Repeated late pickups may incur extra charges from CSGW.