CSGW Mission

Our Mission

The Cantonese School of Greater Washington (CSGW) is a school where teachers, parents, and children alike benefit from the exchange of ideas to build the school community.  It is not a traditional school where a governing entity hires staff to develop the programs and run the school.  Instead, parents and families are involved in all aspects of school operations. Our hope is that the parents are supportive of instilling the Cantonese Culture and Language at home while encouraging our families to put it into practice outside of the classroom.

Our Mission provides a progressive and nurturing academic environment for students wishing to learn Cantonese and experience Chinese culture.  Our immersion-based program, designed for students from ages 4 to 12, focuses on developing speaking, reading, and writing skills. Our goal is to graduate students who can converse comfortably in Cantonese, and have the ability to read and write traditional Chinese.