CSGW 開放日 – Open House

July 21, 2012 @ 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Lutheran Church of the Cross
12801 Falls Rd
Rockville, MD 20854
Peggy Hall

多謝大家的支持, CSGW 開放日完滿結束. Thanks for the participation and support.  We have pictures from the event posted.

***  我們將會在七月廿一日舉行開放日介紹粵語文化學校  學校籌備委員會和老師將會向家長及有興趣人仕介紹辦校宗旨和教綱書本及教材均會提供給大家閱覽家長可以即場註冊

*** We are having an open house on July 21st for everyone to come meet with us and the teachers. We will be available to answer questions, showcase the samples of our curriculum/text, and register.


本校為三至十七歲的學生提供一個學習中文的機會,由淺入深,以廣東話開始,創立一個互動的學習環境;我們着重培養學生對學習粵語及中國文化的興趣,從而為將來,可以輕鬆地融入普通話的學習。 我們會採用與時並進的教學方法去推行語言和文化教學,務使學習過程輕鬆愉快。我們更致力培訓學生們的閱讀及書寫能力,使他們將來可以靈活地以廣東話、普通話交談

Our Mission

CSGW is dedicated to providing a progressive and nurturing academic environment for students wishing to learn Cantonese and experience Chinese culture.  Our immersion-based program, designed for students from ages 3 to 17, focuses on developing speaking, reading, and writing skills.  Students begin with Cantonese, then slowly transition to Mandarin as they advance in the program.  Our goal:  to graduate students who can converse comfortably in Cantonese and Mandarin, and have the ability to read and write Chinese.

Our guiding principle as we reach for that goal:  to make learning Chinese easier and more enjoyable through the use of an engaging curriculum and an interactive teaching style. We aim to build a community of students, parents, faculty, and administrators who share in our vision, and will work collaboratively to advance the interests of all our students.